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Geotube untuk desludging kolam effluent di kilang sawit.

ini air hasil selepas ditapis oleh geotube beg.
Addition ref

Company Biorem

Company Tencate

Definition of dewatering

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Tips for humorous speech 2

9 Tips for Winning a Humorous Speech Contest
By Frank L. Slane, DTM, PID

Frank Slane is a member of Gilcrease Toastmasters Club 1384 
and submitted this article for 

Here are nine tips for excelling in and winning a humorous speech contest, from Frank Slane, a past international director who has won many contests, and a member of our club.

1. Use a timely subject – original or at least fresh, but something everyone can relate to.

2. Construct your speech. It’s better to construct a speech than tell a story. Write it, organize it, revise and practice it.

3. Use the Judging Form as your guide – and aim at the judges! Audience response is important, but it’s the scoring by the judges that determines whether you win or lose. Get very familiar with that form the judges are using as their guide!

4. Keep it clean – absolutely no “blue” material. Do not offend anyone.


In 1988, a contestant lost the District contest not because he had poor material but because he “dirtied up” his speech needlessly. He learned his lesson. In 1991 he won the District contest and the next Spring he won the Region contest.

Another very funny speech did not win District because it had too many references to body parts and functions.

Rule: When in doubt, throw it out. If you hesitate about the propriety of your material, you have reasonable doubt. No matter how much you like it, toss it out. Toastmasters’ speech contests are for Toastmasters audiences. Do not confuse a speech contest with a night club act. People will laugh at your smut, but they also will resent it.

What Should You Do to Win?

5. Comedy + Action = Laughs. Example: Keystone Cops or Three Stooges + Accidents and Dumb Acts = Audience Laughter!

6. Opening. Get the attention of every audience member in a memorable way. Get a laugh early in the speech, in the opening, by shocking the audience or being funny.

7. Body. Keep it interesting and keep it moving. Keep it short. Use stories and jokes, but stick to just the essentials (you don’t need names and you’ll bore the audience with details). Make it personal. Make fun of yourself, not others. Work the audience. If you can’t involve them physically, use vivid word pictures.

8. Conclusion. Leave them laughing or excited. Use a strong punch line that relates to your subject, or perform a memorable act that will stay with them.

9. Your speech should be unique. Don’t do what other speakers do. Use a different style, a gimmick. Get the audience into the act.

Remember the Three Stooges: People love action!

Reproduction of this article is granted when author credit is included with article.

Tips for humorous speech

Let’s face it. Humor is hard! Even experienced speakers struggle with knowing how to (appropriately) tickle their audience’s funny bones. That’s why Toastmasters meetings are the perfect place to practice being funny.

Incorporating humor into your presentations has many benefits. It can:

Help establish a bond with the audience
Make your speech more engaging
Win over a hostile audience
Emphasize or illustrate a point in an entertaining way
Help people remember you

With that in mind, here are some Toastmasters tips to keep you improving as a humorous speaker:

1. Be yourself. Think about what types of humor you appreciate, then create a library of such items. Don’t like jokes? Try a humorous anecdote or a witty observation from your own life.

2. It’s okay to be mildly amusing rather than outlandishly funny. Keep your expectations realistic and your style authentic.

3. Use humor sparingly, like a spice. At first, try using a humorous opener to your speech. A quote or offhand observation can be a good icebreaker.

4 Keep it relevant to your speech topic. Try to intertwine the humor with your subject matter.

5. Keep it clean! Humor is supposed to make people feel good – not embarrassed, insulted or offended.

6 Make it clear that it’s humor. But in case no one laughs, prepare a comment in advance to use when you get that reaction, or just move on.

7. Self-effacing humor is safe and effective. Making fun of yourself bonds you with the audience. They would rather hear about the time you fell on your face than who won the race.

8. Work on your delivery. Practice using vocal variety and gestures.

9. Timing is everything! Remember to pause before the punch line.

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Keypad ; Selamat Hari Malaysia ; Terima Kasih kepada 325,599 views!

Dengan nama Allah, aku menulis.
Assalamualaikum wt dan salam sejahtera.

Hari ini adalah sejarah dalam penulisan blog Kembara Insan apabila aku tidak post apa - apa sejak satu bulan setengah yang lepas. Untuk pertama kalinya, bulan Ogos 2014 tiada post, bulan pertama tanpa post sejak aku menjadi blogger bermula tahun 2009. Kini masuk tahun ke lima (5) bergelar seorang blogger.

Namun, dalam keadaan begitu, aku cukup terpesona dengan angka pageviews terus bertambah saban hari dan angka terkini adalah 325, 599 views!

Pageviews ini mencapat 100,000 pada tahun 2012 dan sejak itu pageviews bertambah saban hari walaupun sejak tahun 2013, post aku mula berkurangan.

Aku mengucapkan jutaan terima kasih atas lawatan daripada Tuan Puan semua ke blog ini. Walaupun semakin jarang dikemaskini, namun Tuan Puan terus memberikan sokongan dengan melawat post post lama yang pada perkiraan saya menjadi rujukan dalam bidang tertentu. TERIMA KASIH atas segala sokongan!

Post ini sebenarnya tidak ada kaitan dengan Hari Malaysia. Ia cuma ditulis selepas Hari Malaysia iaitu semalam.

Banyak kekangan yang saya hadapi menyebabkan hampir setahun lebih tidak lagi mampu untuk mengemaskini blog seperti yang saya lakukan sebelum ini. Antaranya adalah :-

1. Kekangan suasana kerja baru
2. Kekangan akses internet
3. Kembara ke persinggahan baru 

Ya. Faktor yang paling besar adalah persinggahan baru. Meneruskan pengembaraan dan perjalanan yang masih jauh dan belum tahu bila akan menemui perhentian terakhir.

Dalam perjalanan itu sebenarnya banyak yang saya ingin kongsikan, namun disebabkan kekangan di atas, banyak memberikan cabaran besar buat saya untuk berkongsi dan kemaskini blog.

(mmm....tengah menaip ini pun dua tiga kali offline!)

Apapun, kepada SEMUA PELAWAT blog KEMBARA INSAN, saya mengucapkan jutaan terima kasih atas lawatan Tuan Puan semua.

Insya Allah, sebenarnya banyak yang ingin dikongsi dalam menempuh perjalan hidup yang hebat ini. Ada peluang dan ada rezeki, kita kongsi bersama kerana



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