Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Persuade speech. ​Title : “Come, join me”​

1. Persuade/convince/influence people to join Toastmasters Club.
2   2. Convince Toastmasters Club members to be active in all learning program providing by TMI to gain full benefit.

      Good evening my fellow Toastmasters and contestants. I want to make it clear at the beginning of my speech. I have 2 purposes. No. 1 (by end of my speech, I want to influence and convince all of you to join Toastmasters.) If you already members, then, it come to my No.2 purpose which is (be active members by doing all projects in the TMI learning programs to gain the benefit of this marvelous and amazing world organization. Dear my fellow Toastmasters, I have 1 interesting story. This story will inspire all of you to achieve both of my speech purposes.

20 years ago during Secondary School. I have been asked by a teacher to join Speech Contest two days before the contest. Yes. It is impromptu speech. The teacher gave me the speech and I start to read and practice. Ladies and gentlemen, this in my first ever in my life joining Speech Contest. Can you imagine what i felt that time?
According to most studies, public speaking is people no. 1 fear. Death is number two!
The mind is a wonderful thing! It starts working the minute you are born and never stop until you get up and speak in public!
I completed my speech contest. The best part of the contest is, I like the title. SMOKING IS BAD HABIT. Yes, smoking is not good for everybody. Do stop if you are smokers today. Honestly, i did not remember what i talked about during the speech, but at the end of my words, I got a big applause for the whole audience all students and teacher!(PAUSE). YES! I got no 1 for that speech contest!
That is my first experience joined Speech Contest in my life and the last until i joined Toastmaster Club last year.
The best within remain inside for almost 20 years, and Toastmasters Club bring it out again last year. I join Toastmaster Club Sandakan end MAC 2013, attend my first meeting at Sabah Hotel. Directly sign my registration form. The next following weeks, i doing my CC1 Ice Breaker Speech in front of K2 Joint Meeting at 9 minutes plus! (yes, i still remember after the time passing RED LIGHT, both Tn Hj Awang and current Mr President of Pidato Club giving me signal to stop, you passing the time!
    Well, the next following weeks, i keep doing my CC speech and by 9 months, i completed my CC manual. Next week, i am going to embark my ACB 10. I told my fellow members at TMC Lahad Datu, i want to achieve TRIPLE CROWN this TERM. Yes, i will, Insya Allah.

My fellow Toastmasters,
All of us know, it is a fear to be on the stage. Speak in front of peoples. But, all of us ARE LEADERS. I m manager and engineer in a palm mill with 70 staff. Ir Hj Azmer is a GM of thousand staff in his Company. Regardless who you are, all of us are leaders. Although we are housewife, she also a leader of her children. When we talked about leader, the most and foremost important for a leader is COMMUNICATION! Communicate with our subordinate. We need to LEAD, thus we have to communicate.
That why, all of you MUST join TOASTMASTERS to improve your communication skill to be EFFECTIVE LEADERS!

Active means; do your projects, completing you CC manual, taking roles in Competent Leaders program and lastly AIMING for DTM title!
By doing that, we can gain the benefit of Toastmasters, IMPROVE OUR COMMUNICATON SKILLS and BE AN EFFECTIVE LEADERS!
If you can speak, you can influence. If you can influence, you can change LIVES!

It is the mission of TMI to empower individuals to become effective communicators and leaders. Creating a first choice dynamic learning by doing organization. With 4 main core values INTEGRITY, RESPECT, SERVICE and EXCELLENCE!
We don’t about POLITIC, SEX and RELIGION here, thus it gathers every one of us to improve our self in a positive and supportive learning community.
To become a President Distinguished Club title, it is A TEAMWORK efforts. Every member must complete his manuals, taking roles and at the same time, persuade and fine new members. Keep the club on tracks with the TMI program and it is about leading and getting people achieving goals, which is what LEADERs are doing.