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Persuade speech. ​Title : “Come, join me”​

1. Persuade/convince/influence people to join Toastmasters Club.
2   2. Convince Toastmasters Club members to be active in all learning program providing by TMI to gain full benefit.

      Good evening my fellow Toastmasters and contestants. I want to make it clear at the beginning of my speech. I have 2 purposes. No. 1 (by end of my speech, I want to influence and convince all of you to join Toastmasters.) If you already members, then, it come to my No.2 purpose which is (be active members by doing all projects in the TMI learning programs to gain the benefit of this marvelous and amazing world organization. Dear my fellow Toastmasters, I have 1 interesting story. This story will inspire all of you to achieve both of my speech purposes.

20 years ago during Secondary School. I have been asked by a teacher to join Speech Contest two days before the contest. Yes. It is impromptu speech. The teacher gave me the speech and I start to read and practice. Ladies and gentlemen, this in my first ever in my life joining Speech Contest. Can you imagine what i felt that time?
According to most studies, public speaking is people no. 1 fear. Death is number two!
The mind is a wonderful thing! It starts working the minute you are born and never stop until you get up and speak in public!
I completed my speech contest. The best part of the contest is, I like the title. SMOKING IS BAD HABIT. Yes, smoking is not good for everybody. Do stop if you are smokers today. Honestly, i did not remember what i talked about during the speech, but at the end of my words, I got a big applause for the whole audience all students and teacher!(PAUSE). YES! I got no 1 for that speech contest!
That is my first experience joined Speech Contest in my life and the last until i joined Toastmaster Club last year.
The best within remain inside for almost 20 years, and Toastmasters Club bring it out again last year. I join Toastmaster Club Sandakan end MAC 2013, attend my first meeting at Sabah Hotel. Directly sign my registration form. The next following weeks, i doing my CC1 Ice Breaker Speech in front of K2 Joint Meeting at 9 minutes plus! (yes, i still remember after the time passing RED LIGHT, both Tn Hj Awang and current Mr President of Pidato Club giving me signal to stop, you passing the time!
    Well, the next following weeks, i keep doing my CC speech and by 9 months, i completed my CC manual. Next week, i am going to embark my ACB 10. I told my fellow members at TMC Lahad Datu, i want to achieve TRIPLE CROWN this TERM. Yes, i will, Insya Allah.

My fellow Toastmasters,
All of us know, it is a fear to be on the stage. Speak in front of peoples. But, all of us ARE LEADERS. I m manager and engineer in a palm mill with 70 staff. Ir Hj Azmer is a GM of thousand staff in his Company. Regardless who you are, all of us are leaders. Although we are housewife, she also a leader of her children. When we talked about leader, the most and foremost important for a leader is COMMUNICATION! Communicate with our subordinate. We need to LEAD, thus we have to communicate.
That why, all of you MUST join TOASTMASTERS to improve your communication skill to be EFFECTIVE LEADERS!

Active means; do your projects, completing you CC manual, taking roles in Competent Leaders program and lastly AIMING for DTM title!
By doing that, we can gain the benefit of Toastmasters, IMPROVE OUR COMMUNICATON SKILLS and BE AN EFFECTIVE LEADERS!
If you can speak, you can influence. If you can influence, you can change LIVES!

It is the mission of TMI to empower individuals to become effective communicators and leaders. Creating a first choice dynamic learning by doing organization. With 4 main core values INTEGRITY, RESPECT, SERVICE and EXCELLENCE!
We don’t about POLITIC, SEX and RELIGION here, thus it gathers every one of us to improve our self in a positive and supportive learning community.
To become a President Distinguished Club title, it is A TEAMWORK efforts. Every member must complete his manuals, taking roles and at the same time, persuade and fine new members. Keep the club on tracks with the TMI program and it is about leading and getting people achieving goals, which is what LEADERs are doing.



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Geotube untuk desludging kolam effluent di kilang sawit.

ini air hasil selepas ditapis oleh geotube beg.
Addition ref

Company Biorem

Company Tencate

Definition of dewatering

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Tips for humorous speech 2

9 Tips for Winning a Humorous Speech Contest
By Frank L. Slane, DTM, PID

Frank Slane is a member of Gilcrease Toastmasters Club 1384 
and submitted this article for 

Here are nine tips for excelling in and winning a humorous speech contest, from Frank Slane, a past international director who has won many contests, and a member of our club.

1. Use a timely subject – original or at least fresh, but something everyone can relate to.

2. Construct your speech. It’s better to construct a speech than tell a story. Write it, organize it, revise and practice it.

3. Use the Judging Form as your guide – and aim at the judges! Audience response is important, but it’s the scoring by the judges that determines whether you win or lose. Get very familiar with that form the judges are using as their guide!

4. Keep it clean – absolutely no “blue” material. Do not offend anyone.


In 1988, a contestant lost the District contest not because he had poor material but because he “dirtied up” his speech needlessly. He learned his lesson. In 1991 he won the District contest and the next Spring he won the Region contest.

Another very funny speech did not win District because it had too many references to body parts and functions.

Rule: When in doubt, throw it out. If you hesitate about the propriety of your material, you have reasonable doubt. No matter how much you like it, toss it out. Toastmasters’ speech contests are for Toastmasters audiences. Do not confuse a speech contest with a night club act. People will laugh at your smut, but they also will resent it.

What Should You Do to Win?

5. Comedy + Action = Laughs. Example: Keystone Cops or Three Stooges + Accidents and Dumb Acts = Audience Laughter!

6. Opening. Get the attention of every audience member in a memorable way. Get a laugh early in the speech, in the opening, by shocking the audience or being funny.

7. Body. Keep it interesting and keep it moving. Keep it short. Use stories and jokes, but stick to just the essentials (you don’t need names and you’ll bore the audience with details). Make it personal. Make fun of yourself, not others. Work the audience. If you can’t involve them physically, use vivid word pictures.

8. Conclusion. Leave them laughing or excited. Use a strong punch line that relates to your subject, or perform a memorable act that will stay with them.

9. Your speech should be unique. Don’t do what other speakers do. Use a different style, a gimmick. Get the audience into the act.

Remember the Three Stooges: People love action!

Reproduction of this article is granted when author credit is included with article.

Tips for humorous speech

Let’s face it. Humor is hard! Even experienced speakers struggle with knowing how to (appropriately) tickle their audience’s funny bones. That’s why Toastmasters meetings are the perfect place to practice being funny.

Incorporating humor into your presentations has many benefits. It can:

Help establish a bond with the audience
Make your speech more engaging
Win over a hostile audience
Emphasize or illustrate a point in an entertaining way
Help people remember you

With that in mind, here are some Toastmasters tips to keep you improving as a humorous speaker:

1. Be yourself. Think about what types of humor you appreciate, then create a library of such items. Don’t like jokes? Try a humorous anecdote or a witty observation from your own life.

2. It’s okay to be mildly amusing rather than outlandishly funny. Keep your expectations realistic and your style authentic.

3. Use humor sparingly, like a spice. At first, try using a humorous opener to your speech. A quote or offhand observation can be a good icebreaker.

4 Keep it relevant to your speech topic. Try to intertwine the humor with your subject matter.

5. Keep it clean! Humor is supposed to make people feel good – not embarrassed, insulted or offended.

6 Make it clear that it’s humor. But in case no one laughs, prepare a comment in advance to use when you get that reaction, or just move on.

7. Self-effacing humor is safe and effective. Making fun of yourself bonds you with the audience. They would rather hear about the time you fell on your face than who won the race.

8. Work on your delivery. Practice using vocal variety and gestures.

9. Timing is everything! Remember to pause before the punch line.

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Keypad ; Selamat Hari Malaysia ; Terima Kasih kepada 325,599 views!

Dengan nama Allah, aku menulis.
Assalamualaikum wt dan salam sejahtera.

Hari ini adalah sejarah dalam penulisan blog Kembara Insan apabila aku tidak post apa - apa sejak satu bulan setengah yang lepas. Untuk pertama kalinya, bulan Ogos 2014 tiada post, bulan pertama tanpa post sejak aku menjadi blogger bermula tahun 2009. Kini masuk tahun ke lima (5) bergelar seorang blogger.

Namun, dalam keadaan begitu, aku cukup terpesona dengan angka pageviews terus bertambah saban hari dan angka terkini adalah 325, 599 views!

Pageviews ini mencapat 100,000 pada tahun 2012 dan sejak itu pageviews bertambah saban hari walaupun sejak tahun 2013, post aku mula berkurangan.

Aku mengucapkan jutaan terima kasih atas lawatan daripada Tuan Puan semua ke blog ini. Walaupun semakin jarang dikemaskini, namun Tuan Puan terus memberikan sokongan dengan melawat post post lama yang pada perkiraan saya menjadi rujukan dalam bidang tertentu. TERIMA KASIH atas segala sokongan!

Post ini sebenarnya tidak ada kaitan dengan Hari Malaysia. Ia cuma ditulis selepas Hari Malaysia iaitu semalam.

Banyak kekangan yang saya hadapi menyebabkan hampir setahun lebih tidak lagi mampu untuk mengemaskini blog seperti yang saya lakukan sebelum ini. Antaranya adalah :-

1. Kekangan suasana kerja baru
2. Kekangan akses internet
3. Kembara ke persinggahan baru 

Ya. Faktor yang paling besar adalah persinggahan baru. Meneruskan pengembaraan dan perjalanan yang masih jauh dan belum tahu bila akan menemui perhentian terakhir.

Dalam perjalanan itu sebenarnya banyak yang saya ingin kongsikan, namun disebabkan kekangan di atas, banyak memberikan cabaran besar buat saya untuk berkongsi dan kemaskini blog.

(mmm....tengah menaip ini pun dua tiga kali offline!)

Apapun, kepada SEMUA PELAWAT blog KEMBARA INSAN, saya mengucapkan jutaan terima kasih atas lawatan Tuan Puan semua.

Insya Allah, sebenarnya banyak yang ingin dikongsi dalam menempuh perjalan hidup yang hebat ini. Ada peluang dan ada rezeki, kita kongsi bersama kerana



Kembara Insan
Lahad Datu
17hb. September 2014

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Sec 24A RE Act 1967 Act 1158 Employment of Unregistered Engineers

Restriction on employment of unregistered person to provide engineering service

24A. (1) No person shall employ a person, sole proprietorship, partnership or body corporate, other than a registered Engineer or an Engineering consultancy practice, to perform professional engineering services.

(2) Nothing in subsection (1) shall prohibit the employment of any person holding one of the certificates referred to in section 7(3) to do all things which the certificate enables or authorizes him to do.

the above provision is self - explanatory in that prohibits anyone from engaging other than registered engineers to carry out professional engineering services.

Professional engineering service as defined under Act :

"Professional engineering service" means engineering services and advise in connection with any feasibility study, planning, survey design, construction, commissioning, operation, maintenance and management of engineering works or projects and includes any other engineering services approved b the board;

professional engineering services consists of 3 major branches;

1. Engineering services related to engineering works or projects
2. Engineering advise related to engineering works or projects
3. Any engineering services approved by the Board

The engineering services or advice related to engineering works or projects include ;

  1. Feasibility study
  2. Planning
  3. Survey
  4. Design
  5. Construction
  6. Commissioning 
  7. Operation
  8. Maintenance
  9. Management
Most of the above have their normal meaning of the words except for 2 items which require clarification and action.

  1. Survey - this will include investigation and visual inspection other than the meaning of land survey and building survey.
  2. Management - this is the area that is frequently exploited by non - engineers e.g . CIDB which may not employ qualified engineers are commonly allowed to manage government projects.

Professional Engineer application

 Ref :
 You are here: Home / Services / Application / Professional Engineer / Requirements & Procedure

Any candidate who applies for registration as a Professional Engineer must:
  1. Be registered as a Graduate Engineer with BEM.
  2. Have satisfied the training requirements of BEM.
  3. Have passed the Professional Assessment Examination (PAE) of BEM or be elected as a Corporate Member of the Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM).
  4. Have been residing in Malaysia for a period of not less than six months immediately prior to the date of application. 
  1. All application shall be made through MyBEM Online Registration System or manually using Form B1.
  2. The following doucuments must be uploaded together (in pdf format) to support your online application;

    • Practical Experience using Company/Department's letterhead, which has been signed by a Professional Engineer in the same discipline.
    • Copy of Letter of Approval of Professional Assessment Examination or copy of MIEM certificate certified true copy by a Professional Engineer.
    • Copy of degree.
    • Copy of Letter of Approval as Graduate Engineer with the BEM.
    • Copy of Identity Card.
    • Passport-sized photo (in jpg format, not more than 100kb).
  3. All candidate are required to pay a registration fee of RM350.00.
  4. Upon approval, a certificate of Professional Engineer registration (Form D1) will be issued.
  5. For manual application, you need to download and complete the Application Form B1. Submit the form together with copies of your supporting documents and a registration fee of RM350.00.
A registered Graduate Engineer is required under Section 10(1)(b) of the Act to obtain practical experience in order to be entitled to sit for the Professional Assessment Examination (PAE) which is a prerequisite to apply for registration as a Professional Engineer.

The candidate shall carry out the practical experience in the following manner as prescribed in Regulation 22(1) of the Registration of Engineers Regulations 1990:

The practical experience that a registered Graduate Engineer is required to obtain under section 10 (1) (b) of the Act in order to be entitled to apply for registration as a Professional Engineer shall be carried out in a manner satisfactory to the Board for a period of three years –
  • in the planning, design, execution or management of such works as comprised within the profession of engineering;
  • in engineering research; or
  • in the teaching in a course leading to a qualification in engineering research; or in the teaching in a course leading to a qualification approved by the Board, and at least one Year of such practical experience shall be obtained in Malaysia under the supervision of a registered Profession Engineer of the same discipline or an approved allied discipline and shall be in fields of engineering practice other than in research or teaching. 
  1. This period of training in a local environment is greatly emphasized by BEM as it is of paramount importance for the prospective Professional Engineers to be familiar with the local conditions and by - laws so that they can comply and practise effectively in Malaysia.
  2. Notwithstanding the above, regulation 22(2) stipulates that if the Board is satisfied for sufficient cause or reason, the Board may in any particular case exempt either wholly or partly the requirements as to the practical experience required to be obtained in Malaysia or the requirement as to the supervision by a registered Professional Engineer in Malaysia; provided that the total practical experience to be obtained shall not be less than three years.
  3. Where there is no Professional Engineer of the same or allied discipline as the candidate in the organisation in which the candidate is working, he may seek the approval from BEM to obtain a Professional Engineer from outside his organisation to supervise his training.
  4. After the candidate has completed the required prescribed training, he may apply to sit for the Professional Assessment Examination conducted by BEM.

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NIOSH ; Basic Train the Trainer Course


At the end of the course, the participant will be able to: 
i. Work effectively in education and training, 
ii. Foster and promote an inclusive learning culture 
iii. Ensure a healthy and safe learning environment 
iv. Undertake organisational training needs analysis 
v. Use training packages to meet client needs 
vi. Provide training through instruction and training in work skills 
vii. Plan and organise assessment 
viii. Assess competence 

This course designed for persons involved in the development, planning and delivery of 
OSH competency based workplace training courses 

i. Computer literacy 

i. The training environment 
ii. Conduct training needs analysis 
iii. Design and develop OSH competency based training programme 
iv. Conduct OSH competency based training programme 
v. Asses competence 

Komen :

Latihan ini amat bagus untuk diikuti oleh Pengurus, penolong pengurus dan juga jurutera kilang sawit. Kenapa? sebab salah satu aktiviti utama seorang pengurus dan jurutera adalah memberi latihan kepada pekerja dan orang bawahannya.

Ada perbezaan antara pensyarah (lecturer) dan jurulatih (trainer). Pensyarah cuma memberi syarahan dan lebih kepada komunikasi sehala. Manakala jurulatih pula adalah komunikasi dua hala. Task utama seorang jurulatih adalah memastikan teori difahami dan peserta boleh melakukan praktikal.

Jadi, sertai latihan BTTT kerana ia memang digunakan di tempat kerja. Pihak JKKP sudah mula meletakkan syarat kepada pihak pengurusan supaya meletakkan seorang jurulatih terlatih di tempat kerja bagi memastikan kualiti latihan yang diberikan.

Belajar sepanjang hayat.

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Attend CePPOMETS course at Enviro Academy Shah Alam

Tribute to Mr Flickry for be my blog reader since ever. Thanks for the support!

Dinner, night study group...yeah, we become student again!

Lab...i hate lab. But CePPOMETS is all about testing and lab! Hah

We got coat with this logo.

Biotube for desludging of effluent ponds

Pictures taken from Biorem

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Pasir halus ke kolam effluent

Penggunaan sludge separator di kilang sawit banyak menanmbahkan kandungan solid di kolam berbanding dacenter.

Dalam jangkamasa panjang, HRT akan berkurangan dan aktiviti desludging perlu dilakukan dengan lebih kerap.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Benefits of Archery

Archery is a great sport for boosting your mental and physical health and fitness. However, it also has a number of other benefits, improving patience and teaching safety as you'll find in our top 10 benefits of archery.

1. Archery is open to all

Archery can be done by able bodied and disabled people. People with the most severe disabilities and even the blind, using special tactile equipment are able to join in.

2. Archery is a physically demanding sport

While it is a fun sport, archery is also physically demanding and those wishing to progress may want to think about improving upper body strength for greater control.

3. Archery improves focus

Archers require not only some physical strength, but also mental fitness, and archers develop their focus, flexibility, and attention skills.

4. Archery is relatively inexpensive

Archery can be a cheap sport if you just want to play for fun. However, if you want to compete, then the price can jump, and requires a lot of your time as well as dedication. Many archery outlets allow you to borrow equipment when having lessons from them.

5. Archery provides enjoyment

The ultimate goal of the recreational archer is enjoyment. The archer should remember to focus on improving themselves rather than worrying about what everyone else is doing, and with that in mind, archery becomes a lot more fun.

6. Archery improves patience

Archery is particularly useful for youngsters as it teaches them the benefits of patience.

7. Archery is an indoor and outdoor sport

Archery can be practiced both indoors and outdoors with many clubs having access to indoor facilities over the winter season so the weather need not be a barrier to participation.

8. Archery is a social sport

People from many walks of life enjoy archery. Almost every age group can participate, and children as young as 6 or 7 have taken well to the sport, while it is not unheard of for people in their 80s to be shooting competitively. It also teaches the benefits of teamwork in some cases with some competitions involving groups of people.

9. Archery improves self-confidence

Archery provides great satisfaction in combining both mental and physical attributes to good effect. Whatever the results at the target, every archer is able to draw satisfaction to a lesser or greater extent, from having won a personal mental battle.

10. Archery teaches the importance of safety

The sport can be extremely dangerous if people are reckless. Archery teaches everyone to be responsible for one another and also for the equipment they are using.